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About us

OCHECHE is an eyewear store from St. Petersburg.

We make quality, bright, thoughtful eyewear affordable.

We introduce you to the best models of famous brands and local manufacturers.

We'll check your vision for free, pick out lenses and find a solution, even if you have a "terribly complicated case" or "limited budget."

The OCHE team is a community of optician-obsessed people, where everyone is committed and invested in a common cause.

We do what we do best - help people see well and enjoy frames.

Non-profit activity

Oche is not only a store, but also a community of like-minded people.

We are striving to make the world a better place - we take part in ecoprojects and take care that people with impaired vision can see well even if they don't have financial possibilities to buy glasses.

Our projects

  • Ocheche reuse
If you're not going to wear your old glasses, give them to Ocheche. The frames will find a new owner among our guests.

  • Battery collection
Bring us your used batteries and we'll make sure they'll be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.


  • Cooperation with the Social Services Center of People's House AVIP - Association of Veterans, Invalids and Pensioners.

How do we help?

We manufacture optics for underprivileged pensioners.

  • Cooperation with the non-profit organization "Charity hospital" - an organization which provides free medical care to homeless people.

How do we help?

We make glasses and give them to the hospital.

  • Employees of the non-profit organization conduct eye exams in shelters for the homeless and give out appropriate optics to those who need them.

Cooperation with the VELES Center, a quarantine center that takes care of wild animals in distress.

How do we help?

We bring food from our list of essentials to the center.

"I want to help too! How can I get involved in one of the projects?"

To help, all you have to do is look around your home for unwanted items:

  • Diopter glasses.
  • Sunglasses
  • Frames without lenses
  • Cases

If you still have any of the above in decent condition, just bring it to Ocheche.

You can also visit the websites of our partners and support their activities by making a transfer for any comfortable amount:

Charity Hospital

Who are we?
  • Dima

    Founder of OCHECHE and his philosophy

    Dima chose optics as his profession as soon as he graduated from school.

    He believes that the ideal store is the one where you are given the freedom and time to get to know the frames yourself.

    Dima is the best boss in the world! And there is proof of that - the cohesive and efficient team of OCHECHE.

    "When you find your cherished business, you want to constantly improve in it."

  • Marina

    Co-Founder of OCHECHE, PR

    Marina is responsible for the selection of frames. It is her taste that makes everyone who walks in love with the OCHECHE assortment. She has recently discovered her talent as a producer and is dashing in doing promotional shoots.

    Marina has a superpower - kindness. She makes arrangements with charity companies and does everything to make OCHECHE be a little more than just a store.

    "For me, success is when I manage to help a client choose bright and unexpected glasses, which he himself would not dare to try on."

  • Vlad


    First they come to OCHECHE for the glasses, and then they come back... to see Vlad. We can't stop rejoicing at our good luck with beautiful people, and we actively involve them in our shoots.

    In addition to being photogenic, Vlad has an optical sense - he knows which frame you're going to take home before you even pick it out.

    "When people put on a new frame, they get the impression that they've seen the world all over again.

  • Zhenya

    Optical stylist, copywriter

    A couple of years ago, Zhenya became our copywriter, then a client, and now she's checked in at OCHE to help you find your perfect glasses.

    In addition to optics, Zhenya loves music, travel, and lyrics. This text was also written by Zhenya. But it's not accurate.

    "I love it when a person comes in saying, 'No glasses suit me at all,' and then is in the throes of choosing, because we've picked out 3-4 great frames for them"

IP basic information card

Full name: Individual entrepreneur Dmitry Mikhailovich Kopylov
Legal address: 188643 Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk, Vasileozerskaya str.1 cor. 1 sq. 5
Actual address: Saint-Petersburg, ul. Grazhdanskaya 13-15, Berthold Center, Ocheche

REGISTRY NUMBER : 314470324100032
INN: 470305027901
OCPO: 0194354210

Bank: JSC "Tinkoff Bank
Legal address of the Bank: 10, 1st Volokolamsky proezd, bldg. 1, Moscow, 123060

Bank account: 40802810400000600537
Bank account: 30101810145250000974
TIN of the Bank: 7710140679
Bank identification number: 044525974