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We work only with suppliers who deserve your trust: ZEISS, Hoya, Essilor, BBGR, Nikon, Rodenstock.

Lead time

Standard production time: 2-3 business days. Depending on the complexity of your prescription it can increase, but most of the time we manage to find the right lenses quickly.


We won't leave you alone with the numerous refractive indices and coating options. We will gladly help you to choose and tell you about promotions of suppliers so that you can buy glasses even more favourably.

It is our job to advise you, come to us! And as Ivan Alexandrovich Dorn would say: "Do not be shy.

Can you make glasses in 1 day?

Yes. If you are in a hurry, we will do our best to have your glasses made within 24 hours.

A selection of popular lenses

Cost per pair including foreman's work: